Kaseman LLC Names Former Head of DynCorp International to Its Board of Directors

Fairfax, VA - Marketwire - September 28, 2010. Kaseman LLC ("Kaseman"), a company controlled by DC Capital Partners, LLC, announced today that Herbert J. Lanese has joined its Board of Directors.

Thomas J. Campbell, President and Founder of DC Capital Partners and Chairman of the Board of Kaseman, LLC said, "As most people familiar with this industry are aware, Herb led DynCorp to its success. I have known Herb for several years and am delighted that he has chosen to assist us as we build Kaseman. To be able to work with him again will be a pleasure. His knowledge and expertise of Kaseman's business areas will be a tremendous asset to the company."

Mr. Lanese said, "It gives me great pleasure to join a distinguished group of individuals which includes my former DynCorp colleagues, Tony Zinni and the members of DC Capital."

Mr. Lanese previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer of DynCorp International and continued to serve as a member of the Board of Directors until DynCorp's recent sale to Cerubus. Prior to his positions with DynCorp, Mr. Lanese was an independent businessman and private investor. He is a former President of McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Company. Mr. Lanese also held positions as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Prior to joining McDonnell Douglas, he served as Corporate Vice President of Tenneco, Inc., where he was responsible for strategic planning, capital structure, accounting and information systems. Earlier, he held positions as Vice President & CFO of Tenneco Inc.'s Newport News Shipbuilding business and Vice President of Finance of Tenneco Chemicals.

About Kaseman, LLC

Kaseman is a leading security solutions provider of mission critical technical and operational support to federal government agencies with a strategic focus on specialized training, security, engineering, and logistics services. The company has a global reach and security solutions including anti-terrorism, counter-terrorism, and counter-narcotics training, systems engineering and risk analysis, specialized engineering and construction of secured facilities, program management, and technical security assessments. The company is headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. For more information on Kaseman, LLC, and a complete list of our Board of Directors, please visit www.kasemanllc.com.

About DC Capital Partners, LLC

DC Capital Partners, LLC, is a private equity firm with offices in Washington, DC, and Alexandria, VA, focused on investing primarily in the defense and government sectors. Additional information on DC Capital Partners can be found at www.dccapitalpartners.com.