Kaseman Expands Strategic Position with Sallyport Investment

Washington, DC - June 29, 2011. DC Capital Partners, LLC ("DC Capital") through one of its portfolio companies, Kaseman, LLC (“Kaseman”), announced today that it has made a strategic investment in Sallyport Global Holdings, Inc. (“Sallyport”). Under the terms of the investment DC Capital will control Sallyport with the option to merge the companies in the future.

Together, Kaseman and Sallyport will have over 2,000 employees operating on five continents. Kaseman, which operates in three primary areas: (i) engineering and professional services, (ii) specialized construction, and (iii) training, will combine its capabilities with Sallyport. Sallyport provides engineering and professional services, which includes fire protection, environmental remediation, power generation, and other support services such as base construction, base operations, and logistics. The combination of the two companies will significantly expand their market position internationally.

Thomas J. Campbell, Chairman of Kaseman and President of DC Capital which controls Kaseman said, “Our investment in Sallyport allows us to expand our capabilities worldwide, significantly benefiting our customers and business partners by offering enhanced solutions to the rapidly expanding requirements. Our objective is to assist our customers in fulfilling their mission of diplomacy and development while providing our employees with opportunities for professional growth."

John P. DeBlasio, President and principal shareholder of Sallyport said, “Kaseman’s engineering, training, and specialized construction capabilities will greatly complement our world class professional and operational support services. Sallyport currently has the ability to rapidly mobilize resources worldwide, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Ultimately, our goal is to bring to bear a continuum of capabilities which provides a total solution for our customers. This alliance will allow us to achieve that goal.”

Robert "Tony" Grimes, CEO and President of Kaseman said, “Sallyport brings a unique set of professional, contingency, and logistical operations support services to the partnership. They have the largest independent fire and emergency management protection service in the Middle East and their environmental remediation services and power generation capabilities are first rate. Whether training law enforcement, counter-terrorism, or counter-narcotics agents in Mexico or South America, supporting humanitarian operations in Africa, or designing and constructing cleared access area facilities at U.S. embassies worldwide, you need an extensive range of capabilities. Together, Kaseman and Sallyport will provide this all encompassing solution."

About DC Capital Partners, LLC

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