DC Capital Partners Expands Footprint in Intelligence, Information Technology, and Strategic Consulting with Acquisition of Catapult Technology

Washington, DC - July 9, 2012. DC Capital Partners, LLC ("DC Capital"), a private investment firm headquartered in Washington, DC has announced the acquisition of Catapult Technology, Ltd. (“Catapult”), a leading Information Technology ("IT") contractor to the federal government.

Thomas J. Campbell, President of DC Capital, said, “We are pleased to have Catapult join the DC Capital portfolio of companies.  Catapult has an impressive track record of outstanding performance for a diverse group of federal agencies. Our investment in Catapult positions us to further expand our capabilities and support our ultimate objective of assisting our customers in fulfilling their mission. Together with two other portfolio companies, Strategic Intelligence Group LLC (“SIG”) and Kickstand, LLC (“Kickstand”), our collective capabilities will be greatly enhanced and the solutions provided to existing customers will afford the opportunity for meaningful growth.”

Mark E. Hunker, newly promoted President and Chief Executive Officer of Catapult said, “DC Capital brings a depth of experience and strategic vision to our efforts.  Our new relationship with SIG and Kickstand allow us to expand our capabilities benefiting both our customers and our employees.”

“Catapult’s management and employees are exceptional.  We are fortunate to have Mark Hunker leading Catapult as we move forward. He joins a dynamic team that is already proving they work well together,” Campbell said. “Under this umbrella, we will continue to build upon the strong relationship with our customers and provide our employees with enhanced opportunities for growth.”

Catapult Founder Randy J. Slager, while stepping down from his duties as CEO, will join the Board of Directors and remain involved in strategic planning and business development. Slager noted that, “DC Capital will help complete the vision I had when I started Catapult: to become the preferred federal mid-tier firm.  They bring experience, knowledge, and resources necessary for the company to further excel in this market.”

The balance of Catapult’s current management team will remain in place: David Thornton, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President; John Scarcella, Executive Vice President, Enterprise Systems; David Lyons, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Technology & Management Solutions; and Robert Smith, Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President.

About Catapult Technology, Ltd.

Catapult Technology, Ltd. is a leading provider of information technology and management consulting services to the federal government. The firm’s Technology and Management Solutions division serves civilian departments and agencies; its Enterprise Systems division serves defense and intelligence departments and agencies. Catapult was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. Learn more at www.catapulttechnology.com.

About DC Capital Partners, LLC

DC Capital Partners, LLC is a private investment firm headquartered in Washington, DC focused on making control investments in middle market companies that provide differentiated and innovative services and solutions to the U.S. federal government. DC Capital's investment strategy emphasizes sectors that it believes offer the most compelling growth opportunities including but not limited to Intelligence, Information Technology, Development, Security, Infrastructure and Construction and Environmental. Learn more at www.dccapitalpartners.com.